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  • Codename Gaslight (2015)
    Role: Edward, prod:Gaslight Pictures, dir: Gary Boulter
  • Bedlam (2015)
    Role: Cutter, prod: Diabolic Pictures, dir: Simon Chewie baker
  • Silent Majority - short (2014)
    Role: Agent, Dir: Gary Boulter
  • Harvest - short (2014)
    Role: Frank - voice , Dir: Kitt Mcdee
  • Nameless - (2014)
    role:Sythe, prod: Cafficy Films
  • Employee of the Month - short (2014)
    Role: Dennis, Dir: Ruth Bell
  • Lifeboats (2013)
    Role: Narrator, prod: Boulter/Mcdee, dir: Kitt Mcdee

  • Smugglers (2010)
    * best actor award 48hr film festival Sydney, role: Dennis, dir: Adam Khamis,

  • Dying Ice (2010)
    role: Ashen Spokesperson, prod: Intwine, dir: Nick Kesaveski

  • Silver & Gold (2009)
    role: Bruce, dir: Paul O' Gardener, prod: Pogman

  • Smuggler (2009)
    role: Dennis, dir: Adam Khamis, prod: AFTRS

  • The Divorce Case (2009)
    role: Gus, dir: Leon Hooke

  • Next Door to the Velinskies (2009)
    dir: Darren Hawkins, role: North West Cleaning Boss

  • Phillip (2007)
    role: Physiatrist, dir: David John Kelly, prod: Jon Dixon

  • Hunt Angels (2006)
    Hunt Angels Productions, role: Bleary Producer, dir: Alec Morgan
  • A Dirty Case of Murder (2017)
    Murder Mystery Fun, role: The Detective, dir: Gary Boulter

  • Pride and Prejudice - Abriged (2011)
    Not quite Cabaret, roles: Mr Collins, Mr Wickham, Mr Bingley, Uncle Gardener, Anne Deburgh, Mr Bennet, dir: Christnene Greenough

  • Sock (2011)
    Not quite Cabaret, role: Rob,  dir: Christnene Greenough
  • The Taming of the Shrew (2009)
    Spark Productions, dir: Adrian Vickers, role: Petruchio
  • Two Weddings and a Lawyer (2008)
    Big Spalsh Productions, role: Jimmy, dir: Richard Cotter

  • Wind in the Willows (2008)
    Aust.Shakespeare Company role: Rabbit, dir: Marian Bragg
  • Accidental death of an Anarchist (2008)
    role: Anarchist, dir: Gary Boulter - Ensemble
  • Emergence (return season) (2007)
    Synacarde (Sydney Opera House), role: Engineer, dir: Mark Bolotin

  • Love and War (2007)
    Newtown Theatre, role: multiple, dir: Katie Gompertz

  • Emergence (2005)
    Synacarde (Sydney Opera House), role: Engineer, dir: Mark Bolotin

  • Acting/Schmacting (2005)
    Edge Theatre, role: Actor B, dir: Gary Boulter

  • Subject (2005)
    Edge Theatre, role: Joel, dir: Alan Miller

  • Play up and play the game (2004)
    Newtown Theatre, role: PLO Officer, dir: Katie Gompertz
  • Soul Mates - (2014 & 2016)
    role:Duncan, Satan the God of Fashion, Taxi Driver prod: ABC
  • Love Child - (2014)
    role:Journliast, prod:9
  • Packed to the Rafters - (2013)
    dir: Jet Williamson, role: Gunter, prod:7
  • Deadly Women - (2013)
    Prd: Beyond International, role: Paul, ep: Dena Schlosser

  • Call Back - Pilot (2010)
    dir: Brent Williams, role: Josh, prod: Indianic Pictures

  • Catalpa Rescue (2007)
    Essential Viewing, role: Robert Cranston, dir: Lisa Harney